Footballer Marlon King jailed for failing to hire a better lawyer

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Footballer Marlon King has been jailed for 18 months for failing to employ the services of a much better lawyer – and has been sacked by Premier League club Wigan Athletic as a result.

The striker chose to spend his money on clothes, cars and showing off instead of a ridiculously expensive lawyer capable of getting him off ‘even if he killed someone’, Southwark Crown Court heard.

His club, Wigan Athletic, have released a statement distancing themselves from his irresponsible behaviour.

“We cannot condone the behaviour of Mr King,” began the club’s statement.

“A man in his position has a responsibility to do everything within his power to manipulate the legal process for his own ends.”

“Young people look up to footballers, and what message does it send to impressionable teenagers if he hires a mediocre defence lawyer?”


Wigan Chairman Dave Whelan announced his sacking whilst criticising King’s inability to follow the example set by his premier league colleagues.

“We hope he will learn his lesson, and be more like Steven Gerrard in future, who has shown that no expense should be spared when threatened with jail for a violent offence.” said Whelan.

King will now serve his term at a prison where many inmates are looking forward to fulfilling their fantasy of having sex with a millionaire.