Prince Philip excels in final warm-up gig before national tour

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Prince Philip last night delivered the final warm-up performance of his new show “I don’t know, it just comes out”, before beginning his latest tour of the world’s top comedy venues.

During a special performance for the country’s most influence British Indians, the Duke of Edinburgh brought the house down with well-rehearsed put-down to audience member Atul Patel, suggesting that “a lot of your family seem to be here tonight.”

A number of people, who were not at the gig, have taken offence by proxy without even hearing the joke in its hilarious original context.

However, long time fans of the Prince have been quick to defend him and his controversial style.

“You know what your getting when you come to a Prince Philip gig.  It’s a bit like seeing Frankie Boyle, but with received pronunciation, and a bit less ginger hair.”

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Great Show

Recipient of the new one-liner, Atul Patel, thought it was a great show and proved that the Prince was back on top form.

“I was absolutely crying at one point.  You see, he implied that my name – which is quite common in India – suggested that there were a lot of my relatives in the audience.”

“It seems obvious now, but I can’t believe no-one has ever made this joke before.  He’s like some sort of comedy genius.”

“And I know it’s a new show, but it would have been nice to hear him do some of his old routines.  My dad loves the one he does about the poorly fitted electrical box.”

Tickets are nearly sold out for the Prince’s tour, and people wishing to see him are encouraged to check local press for details.

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