Ferguson criticises referee for unwarranted consistency

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Sir Alex Ferguson last night launched a vociferous attack on referee Andre Marriner for dealing with two major incidents with unprecedented levels of consistency.

Marriner booked both Jamie Carragher and and Nemanja Vidic for fouls on centre-forwards who might have had a clean run at goal during yesterday’s north-west derby at Anfield.

“That was the turning point,” conceded Ferguson.

“Treating those two incidents with unparalleled consistency completely threw my players.  They were lost when it became unclear at whom they should direct their venom.”

“Rooney almost started a fight with himself he was so confused by the correct handling of the situation.”

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“The ref failed to take into account the fact that Vidic had already done something stupid in the game – which is of course exactly the right way to deal with the situation.”

“These correct decisions are utterly unacceptable in a referee with such little experience.”


The match was won 2-0 by Liverpool with a goal from Fernando Torres, and a David Ngog finish wrapping things up in a perfectly legitimate amount of injury time.

“Marriner has made it very difficult for me.” continued Ferguson.

“There is almost nothing I can do to deflect the blame away from my team who were simply beaten by the better side on the day.”

“This simply cannot continue.  I much prefer it when we have referees who do pretty much everything I ask, irrespective of the laws of the game.”

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