BNP supporters to overcome fear of ‘speaking picture box’

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As BNP leader Nick Griffin prepares for his appearance on tonight’s Question Time, hundreds of BNP supporters are trying to overcome their irrational fear of ‘that speaking box of moving pictures in the corner of the room’ which can be used to see it.

Despite numerous protests, Griffin is expected to take his place on the Question Time panel this evening before doing his utmost not to accidentally say the work ‘darkie’.

Griffin supporters are said to be struggling to understand the ways of watching their hero embarrass their movement on national television.

“It’s ridiculous, how are they going to get all of those people into that tiny box in my living room here in Lambeth.” said one lifelong BNP supporter.

“I bet the BBC are using some immigrant black magic to make it happen.  Bloody typical.”

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BNP members are currently going door to door to turn on the televisions of BNP supporters unable to figure it out themselves, and to ensure they are facing the right way.

“It’s a simple process really,” said one campaigner canvassing members’ homes.

“We turn on the television, then calm them down for a bit when the talking pictures frighten the bejesus out them.”

“Then we make them to promise not to shout at passing cars or scream at the planes overhead and focus their attention on our great leader.”

Security has been stepped up for tonight’s show, with audience members to be checked for eggs, and those not carrying any to be offered a selection out of date boxes from a variety immigrant chickens.

Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir told us, “Please God let him say something about the darkies, it’d be nice to knocked off top spot in the country’s list of prejudiced morons.”

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