A-Ha to split 20 years after everyone assumed they had

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Pop group A-ha have announced they are to call it a day, just twenty years after the record buying public assumed they had already stopped being a band.

The band broke through after the success of “Taken on Me” in 1986 but have apparently spent the last twenty-three years doing some other things, too.

“We lived the dream,” said lead singer Morten Harket,  “No, not that dream, the other pop star one.”

“We’ve had an amazing 25 year career.  Not many bands get to have three years of phenomenal success followed by twenty-two further years of complete anonymity.”


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Fans of the trio have expressed disappointment at having to relive a break-up they had assumed had happened many years ago.

“I really loved Morten Harket, and… you know, the other two.” said 35 year-old fan Jane Travers of Essex.

“But now I’ve got to go through the torment of the band’s break up all over again.”

“I was a fifteen year old girl when A-Ha dropped out of the charts and we assumed they’d broken up.  But even now that I’m a 35 year old bank teller, I’m sure it will be just as hard.”

Harket concluded,  “We now have time to spend doing other things, like all the things we’ve been doing for the last 20 years instead of making successful pop songs.”

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