BNP to seek self-loathing ethnic minorities with very low IQs

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The BNP has announced that it will amend its constitution to actively seek mentally compromised, self-loathing ethnic minorities to become part of its membership.

The move comes after it was pointed out by the UK’s equalities watchdog that discriminating its membership rules on the basis of race, religion, or mental capacity, is actually illegal.

“Fine,” said BNP leader Nick Griffin.  “We’ll happily let as many retarded foreigners join as you want us to – so long as they hate the darkies too.”

“We’ve been letting pure-bred white imbeciles join us for years, so it’s only right we let the simpletons among our immigrant population join too.”

“You can never have too many morons in your ranks, I think we’ve proven that.”

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Though many staunch BNP supporters are unhappy at the decision, Griffin has been quick to point out that the self-loathing nature of the new recruits gives them something in common with existing members.

“Remember, they hate themselves just as much as we hate them.  For that, they should be applauded.”

“If you’re black – or one of those shades of brown that is a bit too dark to be from a sun-bed – and have absolutely no comprehension of the world around you, then please get in touch.”

BNP Deputy Chairman, Simon Darby, explained they were already looking to maximise the impact made by the new half-witted non-white members.

“We have several high-profile campaigns already planned for our new Asian-or-whatever members,” he told us.

“But first we expect them to patrol Bradford town centre wearing sandwich boards adorned with the slogans, “GET US OUT!” and “LETS GO HOME!”