Al-Qaeda launches ‘sponsor a martyr’ fund-raising campaign

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Al-Qaeda has launched a fund-raising campaign asking wealthy Islamic fundamentalists to sponsor a martyr after finding itself is in its worst financial state for many years.

The move comes as US efforts to restrict the groups funding appear to be paying off, affecting both recruitment and training within the terrorist organisation.

An Al Qaeda spokesperson told Al Jazeera, “It is true that money is a little right right now, but that is all the more reason to give generously in our fight against the godless infidels.”

“For just ten dollars a month you can sponsor Abdul, a disillusioned teenager from Yemen, as we teach and train him, and ultimately turn him into a suicide bomber we can all be proud of.”


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Although some supporters are against the adoption of western fund-raising methods, those already sponsoring a martyr have praised the scheme.

“Look, this is a photo of Jamal, he is seventeen,” said one Saudi sponsor, “He has just learned how to manufacture a bomb from household products that he would purchase from different shops to avoid suspicion.”

“Just five months ago he was a struggling farmer’s boy.  It makes me so proud.”

“I am sending him some extra money so he can go on a field trip to Pakistan to learn how the AK47 can help spread the word of God.”


Not all supporters have reacted positively to the change in funding approach.

A former Al-Qaeda supporter told us, “I gave them some money once, but now I get weekly phone calls to see if I’d be interested in setting up a direct debit to help them continue God’s work.”

“Plus they keep posting me these requests with tiny little pens, what is it with the little pens?”

“That’s the way they work you see.  They suck you in with one tiny little donation, but then they never leave you alone until you give them some more money.  It’s evil.”

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