NASA set to lose no-claims bonus after moon collision

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NASA is set lose its no-claims bonus after deliberately crashing two unmanned spacecraft into the Moon in a bid to detect the presence of something other than grey dust.

A two-tonne rocket stage collided with the moon after astronauts tied the steering wheel in place with a rope, and pushed the accelerator down with a brick.

A second spacecraft packed with science instruments analysed the contents of the resultant dust before crashing in exactly the same way.

A NASA spokesperson explained that they did not expect their insurance premiums to rise as a result of this ‘success’.

“Crashing really big things into each other has long been a corner stone of scientific discovery, and we are no different.”

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“Okay, we may have accidentally forgotten mention that these vehicles were going to be driven into the moon whilst renewing our insurance, but is that a crime?”


Direct Line insurance have been quick to criticise the reckless behaviour on the latest lunar mission.

“Firstly no-one was driving the vehicle?  We would have expected better to be honest.”

“But deliberately crashing into something is explicitly excluded in their policy, which will result in the loss of their no-claims bonus I’m afraid.”

“Unless they can prove that the fully-comprehensive insured moon jumped out in front of them?”

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