Earthquakes accused of institutional racism

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As the death toll from the Samoan earthquake and subsequent tsunami rose to 170, earthquakes everywhere were accused of racial discrimination.

The latest tragic earthquake attack follows similar attacks in other parts of the world considered predominantly ‘not white’.

In the last few years unprovoked earthquakes have taken thousands of lives in Iran, Pakistan, China and Indonesia whilst a so-called earthquake attack on the indigenous UK population in March this year claimed no lives, with only minor property damage.


The Race Equality Commission has expressed its anger at the behaviour of the planet’s earthquakes.

“They are clearly working to a racist agenda, and anyone suggesting otherwise is obviously in denial.” said a spokesperson.

“It seems that each year thousands of people that the BNP would classify as ‘not-white’ die in what can only be considered unprovoked attacks.”

“If they’re not, can someone tell me why it’s been so long since an earthquakes hit mainland United States, hmm?”

“That pathetic one that hit the UK last year was frankly an embarrassment, it was nothing more than a nod to political correctness.”

“Whichever deity is in charge of the earthquakes is nothing more than a terrorist with racist tendencies.”


A Nottingham-based victim of last years UK earthquake was quick to dispel the racism myth.

“It’s utter tosh,” he told us.

“We lost four roof slates and had to re-plaster the pantry.  Is that something you’d expect from an earthquake that favoured white people?”