Nation pleads with Tracey Emin to stop teasing and just go

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As Tracey Emin threatened to leave the UK due to the oppressive tax regime, the nation has encouraged her to take all of her over-priced faux-artistic garbage with her.

Emin was at pains to explain that her decision to leave the country, though not yet finalised, was due to the tax man taking all of her definitely-well-earned money.

“The proposed tax regime is unfair to struggling artists like me who earn over £150,000 a year,” said Emin.

“How can I be expected to fully realise my artistic visions when the tax man takes half of all the money stupid millionaires and galleries give me?”

“It’s simply not conducive to exploring great artistic endeavours and creating pieces like old tents and unmade beds.”

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The nation has offered its resounding support to Emin and her decision, with many suggesting she shouldn’t wait till the tax rate changes to make her move.

“We don’t care about the tax thing.  She wants to go, we all want her to go.  It’s win-win.” said everybody who had ever seen one of her ‘installations’.

“She seems to like France, and France is entirely welcome to her unmade beds and used johnnies.”

“To be honest, if you could guarantee it would stop her churning out over-priced pretentious shite I’d happily pay 60% tax.”

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