Derren Brown correctly predicts losing roulette number

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Television mentalist Derren Brown stunned his television audience on Friday by correctly predicting where the ball on a roulette wheel would definitely not land.

The stunt, the conclusion of his ‘The Events’ series, was designed to illustrate how easy it is for casinos to take all of your money.

By correctly predicting a losing number, Brown showed just how heavily the odds are stacked in the casino’s favour.

“It was an ambitious project, but I’m delighted with how it went.” said Brown.

“Picking a losing number at random has just a 97.2% chance of success, but through a mixture of misdirection, showmanship and magic, I was able to show how you can guarantee the selection of a losing number.”

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“The beauty of this stunt is that anyone at home can try it, and 97.2% of the time, it will work for them.  I am bringing magic to the masses.”


Viewers at home were left gob-smacked by the stunt, with many believing it to be a camera trick.

“It was amazing!” said Darren Green of Tewkesbury.

“I was convinced the ball was going to land on the winning number, but true to his word he made the ball completely miss it.”

Conspiracy theorists have already begun examining the evidence, claiming it to be a hoax.

“We’ve watched it back a dozen times, and it’s clear to us that Derren actually picked the winning number, but hypnotised us all into thinking he’d picked a losing one.”

“It’s the only logical explanation for such an incredible magic trick.”