Whoopi Goldberg claims Manson not guilty of ‘murder-murder’

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Following her claims that film director Roman Polanski is not guilty of ‘rape-rape’, Whoopi Goldberg has today claimed that convicted killer Charles Manson is not guilty of ‘murder-murder’.

Goldberg has received significant condemnation due to her defence of Polanski, but she remained unrepentant when questioned about Charles Manson.

“It was the 60s – it was a different time with different rules,” explained the actress.

“I’m not saying it wasn’t ‘murder’ in the strictest sense of the word, but it wasn’t ‘murder-murder’, was it?”

“You can’t judge a series of brutal slayings where the victims’ blood was used to write occult messages at the crime scenes by today’s moral standards.”


Goldberg also claimed that because Manson had written a few songs and perhaps once vaguely knew Dennis Wilson from the Beach Boys, he was an artist and therefore immune to prosecution unlike ‘all the normal people’.

Goldberg was not finished, she continued, “If you think about it, Dr. Harold Shipman wasn’t a ‘serial killer-serial killer’, really.”

“I’m not even sure you can still call Osama bin Laden a ‘terrorist-terrorist’ to be honest.”

However, Goldberg’s critics have been quick to point out that Sister Act 2 was definitely ‘shit-shit’.