Sol Campbell finally realises where League Two is

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Former England defender Sol Campbell has left Notts County after only one game after somebody finally pointed out that League Two is the old Fourth Division.

Campbell’s move to the League Two also-rans raised many eyebrows at the time, with Campbell insisting he knew exactly what he was doing.

However, it appears a friend of Mr Campbell has now pointed out that League Two is actually the fourth tier of English football.

The friend told us, “Sol thought that if they got promoted he’d be back in the Premier League next summer. The idiot.”

“Sven obviously was a big factor and talked at length about their Premiership plans, but Sol was slightly distracted by a big bag of cash on the desk.”

He sort of missed some of the finer details whilst shoving fifty pound notes into his pockets, so he didn’t realise he’d probably be 40 by the time they got there.”


Sources tell us that Campbell has something of a track record in agreeing to interesting sounding things without first investigating the finer details.

“I remember when he bought a ‘time share’ and thought he was going to travel back and spend his holidays in Renaissance Italy.  That was a big disappointment.”

“I won’t even tell you what he tried to do to open the box of his Nintendo Wii.”

However, the Notts County dream is over for Campbell as stark reality hit home when playing Morecambe on Saturday in front of 11 people, four of whom were just walking their dogs.