Renault to postpone further F1 race fixing until 2012 season

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Renault Formula One have agreed not to try and fix any races for two-years following an FIA hearing on their role in fixing last year’s Singapore Grand Prix.

The team were called before governing body the FIA to answer charges they had asked driver Nelson Piquet Jr to drive marginally worse than normal, to allow team-mate Fernando Alonso to win.

After the hearing Renault F1 President Bernard Rey told waiting reporters, “We are pleased to put this incident behind us, and we have given assurances that we will not try to fix any race until the 2012 season.”

“We recognise this will put as at a competitive disadvantage behind the likes of McLaren and Ferrari, but I suppose we did get caught, so it is only fair.”


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The FIA have been quick to respond to criticism that they let a major manufacturer get off lightly due to a potential revenue drop for Bernie Ecclestone should Renault have walked away from the sport.

“They have not got away lightly, far from it.,” said FIA President, Max Mosely.

“Being forced to compete fair and square in Formula One today is essentially a massive handicap.”

“Honest hard work gets you nowhere in this sport, it would be like running a football team full of Nicky Butts.”

“Unlike all the other teams, they will now be forced to rely on things like aerodynamic packages, genuine race strategies, and drivers who don’t crash all the time.”

“They will have a really hard time of it.  Until 2012, of course, when they can go back to doing things the traditional Formula 1 way.”

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