RMT to strike over continued requirement to drive trains

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London commuters face travel chaos after talks aimed at averting a two-day strike by Tube workers broke down over TfL’s insistence that tube workers would still have to drive trains.

The Rail Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) rejected a proposal for a pay rise of 1.5% this year and 0.5% above inflation for the next three years as the proposed deal required the drivers to continue actually driving trains.

“We wanted a 5% rise for all our members, and a promise that they wouldn’t have to drive trains any more,” said an RMT spokesperson.

“But Transport for London called us ‘unreasonable’ and were absolutely steadfast in their insistence that any deal would have to include our continued driving of the trains.”

Members’ Interests

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“It is our job to look after the best interests of our members, and they have told us, to a man, that they don’t want to spend all day underground pressing ‘stop’ and ‘go’ in big steel tubes.”

“This is not what our members expect, or indeed deserve.”

“Some of them want to be artists, and one of them wants to work in the circus.”

“But how can we negotiate with such an stubborn organisation that wants nothing more than to destroy the dreams of our members?”

“Our only option was to strike.”

London’s politicians are looking forward to the forthcoming 48-hour period of not being the most hated people in the capital.

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