Nick Griffin shock at time to be spent ‘with all them foreigners’

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BNP leader and recently-elected MEP Nick Griffin was today in a state of shock after being told he will be spending much of his time in Brussels mixing ‘with all them foreigners’.

Mr. Griffin’s euphoria at his election success was short-lived as everyone began pointing out exactly what his new role actually entailed.

“What?” said Griffin in response.

“You mean I don’t get to wear a hood and chase immigrants through the streets with a big pointy stick?”

“What sort of fucking election WAS this?!”

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As the European election results filtered through this morning, the country began looking at their neighbours suspiciously, eagerly searching for the one in twenty now proven to be a bigoted racist.

“I bet it’s Mr Patel in the corner shop.” said Gary Newell of Croydon.

“I’ve always thought there was something a bit off about him and his family.”

One person celebrating yesterday’s election of Nick Griffin is Gordon Brown, who is now officially demoted to second position in the list of most odious one-eyed politcians in the UK.

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