Windsor MP asked to resign over ‘blinding naivety’

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The Conservative MP for Windsor, Adam Afriyie is said to be considering his position in the wake of the MP expenses scandal after reports show he is the only MP who completely failed to capitalise in any way, shape or form.

Mr Afriyie, a Conservative MP since May 2005, claimed absolutely no money whatsoever in the last financial year, leading to claims from all opposing parties of ‘complete and utter naivety’ on his part.

“How can his constituents possibly trust him,” said a Liberal Democrats spokesperson.

“This is a man who failed to fill his pockets whilst all around him made hay.”

“Is this the sort of person you want representing you in Parliament?”

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Another senior Tory back-bencher said, “How can you expect him to fight to the bitter end for you, if he fails to take what is essentially forced into his lap?”

“He obviously doesn’t read things that are put in front of him, or listen to the advice of his peers.”

“We have all heard how it was the system that made the others do it, so is a man so dead set against ignoring the system good for Parliament?”

“He is clearly a loose canon, and better off out of politics altogether.”

Mr Afriyie is unique in that he even failed to claim any expenses for getting to and from Parliament – a move that has seen him branded by other MPs as being “much like any other worker”, namely those who can not claim expenses just for getting to their place of employment.

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