Where is the missing link between the missing links, ask creationists

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Creationist organisations have claimed that the 47-million-year-old fossil of a lemur-like creature were put there by the baby Jesus and are not a ‘missing link’ in human evolution.

The fossil, nicknamed Ida, is claimed by many anthropologists to be a “missing link” between today’s higher primates – monkeys, apes and humans – and more distant relatives.

However, religious organisations have been quick to point out that it is much more likely that the baby Jesus snuck his way back to Earth and hid it there to test the faith of his followers.

“You expect us to believe that this thing is 47 million years old?  Ridiculous!” said a spokesman from The Institute for Creationist Research.

“I had a dead rabbit that disintegrated into nothing in less than a year, and you think this survived – completely intact – for millions of years?

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“Sometimes you science people are so gullible.”

With many human-like features such as an opposable thumb, and nails instead of claws, Ida is seen as a vital evidential part in the process of hominid evolution, a claim refuted by creationists.

“Look, where is the missing link between this species and the last missing link you claimed to find?

“Even if you found that one there would then be a missing link between the new missing link and the older missing link.

“They’re called ‘missing’ links for a reason. Duh.

“It makes significantly more sense that a magic man in the sky made us all as we are today, and then hid these little confusing skeletons all over the planet to keep us on our toes.”

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