Man reaches end of adult movie

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A middle-aged Essex man has caused a storm by reaching the end of a pornographic movie.

The 29-year-old man had been in possession of the movie for three years, but in his numerous viewings had never actually reached the end.

“I’d never needed to keep watching to the end,” he said to waiting reporters.

“But I dozed off briefly, you know, afterwards.”

The man said he came round due to his phone ringing, and before he knew it, the credits were rolling.

“It was quite good actually, all the plot points were dealt with appropriately and they wrapped up the story arc to my complete satisfaction.”

“I was quite please to see the credits actually, as those lighting guys rarely get the credit they deserve.”

“I know how hard they worked to make sure I could see everything.”

The man has confirmed that he might try and watch other adult movies to the end.

“Well, I will if I’m not in a hurry.”