I TOLD you I was properly sick, says every man still alive

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Men really do have an excuse for suffering terribly with so-called ‘minor’ coughs and colds – their immune systems are not as strong as women’s, research suggests.

A Canadian study indicates that the female sex hormone oestrogen not only makes them weepy and overly emotional, it also gives women’s immune systems added bite when it comes to fighting off infection.

“I fucking KNEW it,” said one man-flu sufferer this morning.

“You wait till she hears about this.  My genuine suffering is now certified by the whole of science!”

With man-flu now a fully fledged scientific and medical fact, the number of sufferers previously diagnosed as malingering hypochondriacs is expected to rise significantly.

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“I’m not surprised they’ve found oestrogen has this added benefit,” said one recent man-flu victim.

“Why would mother nature create a hormone that merely creates completely irrational borderline bi-polar individuals?”

“Of course it has a hidden health benefit, it had to.”

“Though to be honest I’d still rather get sick every now and again, and remain mentally stable all month round, but that’s just me.”

Subscriptions to Sky Sports and Sky Action Movies are forecast to double in the next month as men everywhere seek proper treatment for their proper genuine illness.

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