Now you are just copying USA, world tells South Africa

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The leader of South Africa’s African National Congress, Jacob Zuma, has been officially elected the country’s president by members of parliament prompting claims of ‘copy-cat copy-cat’ around the world.

Political experts have pointed out that the election of a black South African President bears an uncanny resemblance to the election of Barack Obama in the United States.

“They’ve not even tried to slip him in under the radar, they’ve gone and made a big song and dance about it.” said one African political commentator.

“Though to be honest, it’s that not surprising.”

“Especially when you look at the success Barack Obama has had in his first hundred or so days.”

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“Of course South Africa wants some of that success for themselves.”

Copy Cats

A large number of American nationals have reacted with disappointment to the news.

“Oh man, I thought it was great having a black president, but what’s the point if everyone else has got one?” said 29 year-old Texan Chad Buckley.

“It’s like when I got the LawnCruiser 2000, and then Ted across the street got one and then I didn’t like mine as much any more.”

“I bet those Africans will have their own NFL and Taco Bell next.”

“Why couldn’t they just get a yellow one?  I don’t think anyone’s got one of those yet.”

No Guarantee

The South African model of copying America is no guarantee of success, according to leading white supremacists.

“You only have to look at Zimbabwe,” said Ku Klux Klan member Will Simmons.

“They’ve had one for ages, and he’s fucking shit.”