Met Office urged to look out of window once in a while

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The UK’s Meteorological Office was today urged to look out of its fucking window every once and a while before issuing its weather forecasts.

With real-time weather information now available across the Internet, London-based weather service users have been quick to criticise their apparent lackadaisical approach.

“How hard can it fucking be?” said one piss-wet through cockney.

“If they say it’s going to be sunny, the least they could do is look out of the fucking window to see if anyone is already using an umbrella.”

“I’ve seen Back to the Future 2, and in just six years the American weather service will be able to predict rain showers to the very second!”

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“Say what you like about all the friendly-fire stuff, but their citizens won’t be getting wet.”

Looking up

Users of Met Office forecasts have been quick to point out that real-time information on the weather is available, in the sky, 24 hours of every day.

“My iPhone told me, via the Met Office, that it was overcast, yet when I went to Starbucks I got absolutely pissed on.”

“I would have taken an umbrella with me if I’d looked out of the window first.

“But I didn’t because that’s their job.”

When asked for a comment the Met Office said it will be mostly couldy with a 25% chance of rain.  Though there is only a 10% chance of that.

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