Birmingham Chairman celebrates promotion in front of helicopter

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Birmingham City FC Chairman David Gold has celebrated his team’s return to the Premier League in front of a helicopter.  His helicopter.

Promotion was secured for the second city’s second team on the final day of the Championship season with a 2-1 away victory against promotion rivals Reading.

The victory sparked wild celebrations among the fans who can now look forward to a season-long losing battle against relegation.

When asked to comment on how this return to the Premier League made him feel, Mr Gold said, “I have a helicopter you know.”

“That’s it right there, behind me.  Can the camera see it?”

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Transfer Funds

Gold is one of the richest men in the country, having made his fortune selling various pornographic paraphernalia.

As such, fans will be keen to know about the level of financial backing that will be given to manager Alex McLiesh, though Gold was was quick to avoid discussing specific numbers.

“I can fly it myself you know.” he said

“I’ll show you if you like?”

“You could film me buckling up and flying off into the distance.  The fans will really want to see that.”

Media Attention

Gold has been starved of television airtime during his team’s year in the Championship, but remains optimistic he will be the centre of further television interest as next season develops.

“I own a mansion with a balcony as well, so maybe you could film me looking out at my land?”

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