FHM release February 2012 issue

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FHM magazine has taken a significant lead on the competition by releasing the February 2012 issue of its popular magazine.

The ‘lads’ magazine industry has been notoriously competitive in trying to release their monthly issues as soon as possible.

The previous record being set by Loaded magazine which released it’s January 2009 issue on 28th November 2008.

FHM appear to have struck what could be seen as a fatal blow to other magazines by releasing an issue a full three years ahead of it’s cover date.


The February 2011 issue, which includes fashion tips on what we’ll be wearing in three years time, shows a cover spread from an actress not due on our screens for 24 months and a page of topical jokes about things that haven’t happed yet.

A preview of the jokes page revealed the following rib-tickler, “What’s the difference between Gordon Brown and a tramp?  One lives on the streets, reeking of piss and begging for money, and the other never even tried politics.”

“We realise this doesn’t make a lot of sense right now, but trust me, in three years time when the world catches up with this issue, that joke will be massive.” Said an FHM spokesman.