G20 post mortem result may go to best of five

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A third post-mortem examination will be carried out on Ian Tomlinson, who died during the G20 protests, leading to speculation the cause of death may be determined by a “best of five” marathon.

The request for a third post mortem was made by lawyers for a police officer interviewed about the newspaper vendor’s death on 1 April.

Two post-mortem examinations to date have come to different conclusions on the cause of death. The third will be conducted on Wednesday.

“If this post mortem agrees with the first post mortem, then we fully expect a fourth post mortem to be carried out which will agree with the second post mortem,” said the City of London Coroner.

“At two post mortems each, there is every chance this decision will go to a fifth post mortem decider.”

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A fifth and final deciding post mortem is unusual, and negotiations are already said to be under way to determine who would undertake such an important procedure.

“The family wanted Quincy M.E. and the police wanted the dude with the cane in CSI Las Vegas – but unfortunately they are both completely fictional,” said a Coroner’s office spokesman.

“Though were were a little disappointed that neither wanted a UK pathologist like Emilia Fox from Silent Witness.”

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