Coma woman wakes briefly to request album change

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A 28 year-old London woman has woken briefly from her 12 year coma to request that her carers “Change that fucking record, please!”

Mary Smithers was hit by a bus in freak accident in 1996 and entered a comatose state almost immediately.

Since that point, she has shown very little sign of recovery, though her medical status is officially ‘stable’.

At the time of her accident Ms Smithers was a huge Celine Dion fan, and at her mother’s insistence the Album “Falling Into You” has been played to her every day, all day, since her accident.

“We hoped a familiar and much loved album would help bring her back to us.  You hear such stories all the time,” said Ms Smither’s mother.

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However, nurses were surprised by a momentary awakening during which Ms Smithers made just one request.

“She sat bolt upright for about twenty seconds and screamed, ‘Change the album, or pull the fucking plug.  Please!’ then she went back to sleep.” said a hospital spokesman.

The case has given hope to relatives of coma victims the world over.

“This proves that they can wake up, however briefly, if they really really want to,” continued her mother.

“So now were’ playing Celine Dion’s 1997 smash hit, Let’s Talk About Love.”

“If that won’t wake her, nothing will.”

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