Jack Tweed sullies the memory of Brave Jade with prison fling

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Brave Jade Goody’s widower Jack Tweed is said to be dishonouring her memory by engaging in a prison romance just hours after being incarcerated.

Tweed, 21, was jailed on Tuesday for 12 weeks following his conviction for a brutal assault on a cab driver.

However, prison sources have revealed that Tweed has found solace in the arms of his cell mate, 37 year-old armed robber, Robert ‘Reamer’ McGee.

Tweed has allegedly engaged in sexual role-playing fantasies for McGee, which include him crying like a girl at the sight of a shank made from a toothbrush handle, and the classic “pretending to be straight while taken roughly from behind” routine.


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Fans of Brave Jade have been quick to criticise Tweed’s actions.

“She’s barely cold, and already he’s throwing himself into the arms of another.  It’s sick and disgusting.”

“The fact that he so willingly to plays the ‘rape victim’ in these sordid prison fantasies makes me wonder what Jade ever saw in him.”

“It’s wrong to be with someone else so soon, even if he will get a nice big ring out of it.”

Max Clifford is said to be negotiation the rights to Tweed’s prison story, and has described it as a “Whirlwind romance, a bit like Brokeback mountain meets The Green Mile at the end of Beaches”