It was a homophobic computer, honestly, say Amazon

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On-line bookstore has claimed a recent glitch where books written by homosexuals were removed from it’s sales ranking system was the result of a rogue homophobic server.

The glitch caused many previously popular titles which covered sexuality of all orientations to disappear from search results, and in some cases may have cost authors several pounds of real cash money.

“I would like to make it abundantly clear that we absolutely love the gays,” said an Amazon spokesperson.

“Some of our best friends once lived on a street near some gays.”

“This error was down to a homophobic computer, which has since been dismantled and burned.  Twice.  Because we love the gays here at Amazon.”

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Racist too

Many commentators have speculated that the ‘homophobic server’ line is nothing more than a convenient excuse to cover up an attempt to introduce anti-gay policies, something Amazon have strenuously denied.

“We’ve had our eye on this server for a while now,” continued the spokesperson.

“We don’t like to speak ill of the recently decommissioned, but there were strong suggestions that it didn’t like black people.”

“And Sharon in Accounts Payable insists it made a drunken pass at her during the office Xmas party.” has assured customers that all future equipment will be screened for anti-social tendencies.

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