PM should only apologise for his many many failings, say officials

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Gordon Brown should not have had to say sorry for e-mails sent by his adviser that discussed smearing senior Tories, Health Secretary Alan Johnson has said.

“Gordon Brown had nothing to do with this. You only apologise for the things you are responsible for,” he told the BBC.

“He should limit his apologies to things like the economy, unemployment, Iraq, police brutality.  Stuff like that.”

“If he’s apologising for everything little thing, it will mean less when he eventually apologises and actually means it.”


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Political commentators have said the written apology sets a dangerous precedent for the Prime Minister, with many claiming it will now be difficult for him not to apologise for the many fuck ups he is directly responsible for.

“How can he write an apology for emails he had nothing to do with, and then not apologise for everything else?” said one prominent political blogger.

The call for further apologies to the appropriate recipients has already been rejected within the Government.

“It’s simply not practical.” said one Whitehall insider.

“If he were to apologise for every poor decision or policy he’s been responsible for, it would be a full time job till beyond the next election.”

“Then who would make the next series of truly disastrous decisions?”

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