The Wire just like real life, say middle-class Surrey residents

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Middle-class residents of Surrey have been quick to point out just how realistic US drama The Wire is, when compared to UK programming.

The US series is currently being shown on BBC2 from the beginning, and in it’s entirety.

The show, which follows the lives of the Baltimore police department as they battle drugs and corruption across the city, is said to have several parallels for Surrey’s middle-classes.


“It’s so real and true to life, plus I can really empathise with McNulty,” said Dave Shipley, a Primary School Deputy Head Master.

“His struggle against authority whilst trying to get the job done is like so many of my PTA meetings.”

“Sure, it’s raw, but I have much more in common with this US creation compared to what UK television is currently offering.”

“I just can’t relate to the problems facing a Timelord doctor from Gallifrey.”


The success of The Wire has led to much criticism of UK programming.

“There’s nothing on television in the UK that I feel even comes close to representing what we face on the mean streets of Guildford,” continued Mr Shipley.

“Even our actors aren’t as good as the Americans.”

“Can you imagine a British actor ever playing a character as convincing as McNulty?  No, neither can I.”