G20 consider moving to G18 to reduce fixture congestion

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The G20 world leaders are today considering reducing their number to 18 in order to ease fixture congestion in future years of financial trouble.

The move comes as performances at this year’s G20 have been well below par, with many leaders claiming that fatigue has hindered their performance.

“It’s difficult when there are so many sides involved,” said one EU spokesperson.

“The delegates have come off the back of a really tough domestic season, and are now expected to perform at the top of their game.

“They’re not robots, they are people too.  Out-of-touch and generally well-isolated people, but they are people nonetheless.”

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Analysts have backed the plan to cut the G20 to G18 by suggesting that no-one really cares much about the G20’s bottom two or three.

“Would anyone really mind if we lost France? Really?

“Sure, Mrs Macron is nice to look at, but that’s why they invented the Internet.”

Controversial ’39th Meeting’

The cull is expected to happen sooner rather than later, with the next round of TV rights up for negotiation this summer.

Speculation is also rising that the G20 might opt for a lucrative ’39th meeting’ outside of the G20 countries in the hope of opening up new markets and gaining a lucrative foothold in other parts of the world.

“The 39th meeting is only an idea at the moment,” said one G20 organiser.

“But we have to face the reality that the G20 must operate on a sound financial footing, and taking the G20 ‘on the road’ makes perfect business sense.”