Obama tells Brown, what goes in London, stays in London

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US President Barack Obama has told Prime Minister Gordon Brown that he wants to let his hair down during his visit, and insisted that “Whatever goes on in London, stays in London.”

President Obama is enjoying his official first trip away from the United States, and though accompanied by his wife Michelle, he is hoping for a little guys-only time with other world leaders.

“He can’t go out back home,” said one White House insider.

“He gets recognised all the time, so it’ll be nice to party where nobody knows who he is.”

Party Time

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President Obama is said to be a notorious party animal, but due to political imperatives at home, he has not had a chance ‘drown the presidential seal’ for several months.

“He can be wild, seriously,” continued the White House source.

“This one time, he did four whole beers in an hour.  It was crazy.”

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The UK’s leading politicians are keen to entertain President Obama and improve his perception of the UK, after his only previous visit included a wedding in Bracknell and a stag-do in Wokingham.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was said to be discussing VIP entrance with Peter Stringfellow at his world renowned Stringfellows nightclub.

“Who doesn’t like a piece of bouncing ass?” said one Whitehall insider.

This suggestion was discounted after President Obama’s aides insisted the President’s Will Smith impression is so good he could easily blag entry to the Groucho Club for at least “ten or so”.

Mobile phones have been banned from the evening to ensure no embarrassing tagging on Facebook.

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