Why pay £300k for something of no interest whatsoever, ask MPs

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Members of Parliament today asked newspaper editors across the nation why they would consider paying £300,000 for copies of all MP expense claims when they will clearly contain nothing of any interest whatsoever to their readers.

One MP from the Speaker’s Commons Estimates Committee, told Newsarse they were keen to ensure no sale took place.

“It seems fairly pointless to us.” he said.

“There won’t be anything even remotely interesting in there, I promise you.”

“Let alone something worth £300k.  You have my word on that.”

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“A couple of thousand pages of tube ticket receipts, the odd meal, perhaps a porno, but that’s about it.  Honestly.”


Speculation has been rife over the sale of the expense claims, but MPs have been quick to point out the £300k price is linked to the intrinsic cost of the expenses themselves.

“Have you ever had to get anything copied at the Copy Shop?”

“It’s 12p a sheet. Now multiply that by a years worth of receipts, and then by 646 MPs, then add binding, and you’re talking a cost of at least £300k. Really.”

“The seller is obviously just trying to recoup their costs.  There’s nothing in there worth £300k. At all.”

“You’d have to be a complete fool to buy them.  Or a tabloid.”

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