Police encouraged to gain more criminal records in war on crime

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Lib Dem spokesman Chris Huhne has revealed figures showing that only one thousand serving police officers have criminal convictions of any description.

He said, “This is a disgrace.  How can we expect to fight crime effectively with such little practical experience on our side?”

However, Police Federation chairman Paul McKeever countered, “I’m afraid Mr Huhne has stolen our fire.”

“We were about to announce details of a new police initiative to allow our officers to obtain the practical skills necessary to catch 21st century criminals, like drug dealing, pimping, stealing cars and house breaking.”

McKeever described one officer who has an astonishing 14 convictions as “a genuine multitasker” and another with 27 motoring offences as an “expert in his field”.

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One ex-officer, who wished to remain anonymous, bitterly complained, “I got sacked from the force in ’96 for just a teeny weeny bit of extortion.”

“And now it turns out officers with far less serious criminal convictions are being lauded.  It’s so unfair.”

One unnamed Chief Constable was heavily criticised for having an officer with multiple convictions still serving.

He said, “What Brother Frank does in his own time, outside of work and the Lodge, is of no concern of mine.”