Thursday 12 March 2009

Internet millionaire to keep ‘money making secret’ a secret

A US man who claims to make thousands of pounds every month simply by posting links on Google has vowed to keep his secret to himself.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to have discovered a fool-proof  hassle-free way of making thousands of pounds a month from Google, for little or no effort on his part.

However, in an unusual twist he has decided there is no point selling this secret at just $1 a time.

“I don’t see the point.  I’m making five figure sums every month already, look here is a picture of a cheque to prove it.”

“And this is a picture of me next to a Porsche in a Porsche showroom, just before I definitely bought it.  Cash.”

“Why would I need to sell you my definitely legitimate secret for a couple of bucks when I’m making all this dough already?”

Why bother?

The selling of Internet millionaire secrets is highly competitive, with millions of millionaires willing to sell you their secret for as little as $1.

Our millionair went on, “What’s another $1 to me in return for the hassle of documenting my secret in a form that’s easy for you to follow.  It really doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“Plus there is a very real possibility I’ll make less money if everyone else starts doing what I do. The reason it’s a secret is because only I know about it.”

“I think you have to question the value of any secret you can buy for one dollar.”

When pushed for a clue, the man merely implied his secret was, “so easy, anyone could do it.”

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