Pensioner sues over holiday ‘you’ll never forget’

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A British holiday maker is suing tour operator Thompson over a cruise which was sold to him and his wife as a package holiday they’d ‘never forget’.

Mrs Sheila Packam, 68 of Sheffield, suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease and has no recollection of the holiday which took place just four months ago.

“They said she’d never forget it,” said her husband Mr Packam, “But they lied.  She doesn’t remember a bloody thing about it.”

“I might as well have gone without her.”

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A spokesperson for the travel company said that they made no guarantees on the extent of the memories that would be retained, and gave the following as an example.

“Do you know what you had for breakfast on the sixth day of your best ever holiday?  Of course not.”

“Mrs. Packam has just forgotten a bit more than most. Okay, quite a lot more actually.  But it’s not our fault.”

Mr. Packam suggested that Thompson should replace the holiday.

“I’d take the same cruise again,” he said,” In fact, I think we should keep taking it, repeatedly, until the memory takes root in her brain.  It’s what they sold us.”

“It’s a shame really, as she remembers absolutely everything about our trip to Butlins in 1978 as if were yesterday, and that was absolutely shit.”