US women misunderstand Obama’s ‘stimulus package’

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Women across the US are completely misunderstanding the aims of President Obama’s recently announced stimulus package.

President Obama recently announced a $787bn stimulus package designed to revive the flagging US economy.

However, a large number of the US population have failed to grasp the true meaning of the package, and how it might help the people of America.

“Hell yeah, I want me some o’his stimulus package if  you know what I’m sayin’ ” said Sheryl, 41 a single mother of five from Louisiana,

“He might be half white, but I’m guessing he got some stimulus package goin’ ON” said Arlene a 39 year-old Texan bar-worker.

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Bring it on

The misunderstanding has led to significantly higher approval ratings for the stimulus package among the female electorate.

“It’s unprecedented,” said Chad Perry, Professor of Political Science at UCLA.

“93% of women are in favour of the economic stimulus package, even the staunch Republicans.”

“It seems even the right-wing are curious to see just what Obama’s stimulus package is capable of.”

“The 7% against it were all lesbians.” he concluded.

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