Ryanair to charge for breathable air

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Irish carrier Ryanair, Europe’s largest budget airline, might start charging passengers for breathable air, chief executive Michael O’Leary said on Friday.

“One thing we are looking at is charging people who want to be able to breathe during our flights,” he told Sky News.

He said this move would not inconvenience passengers, “It’s entirely optional, we’re not forcing anyone to buy the air.  If they want to do without it, they’re still welcome on a Ryanair flight.”

O’Leary has a reputation as a cost cutter, expanding Ryanair by offering low headline fares and charging extra for optional items such as taking luggage, wearing clothes or speaking words.

Pie in the sky

Last week, Ryanair announced it was to shut all check-in desks at airports and have passengers check in online instead.

They are hoping this move will halve complaints as travellers will no longer have anyone to actually record the complaint.

“If it’s not written down, it never really happened.” said one customer services representative.

“We’re all about finding ways of raising discretionary revenue so we can keep lowering the cost of air travel.” said Mr O’Leary.

“If it’s not bolted to the fuselage, we’ll probably charge you for it.”