Clifford plans post-death career for Brave Jade Goody

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News is emerging that Max Clifford is in talks about a post-death reality TV project for terminally-ill racist, Brave Jade Goody.

Clifford, 65,  has masterminded Brave Miss Goody throughout her rise to fame on such programmes as “Brave Jade The Racialist”, “Brave Jade The Pottymouth”, “I’m A Jadeaholic, Get Me Out Of Here” and “Brave Princess Jade: The New Diana”

Brave Jade Goody can currently be seen in the top-rated favourite Living TV show, “Brave Jade: Is She Dead Yet?”

The latest show is a no-holds barred documentary on her forthcoming expected appointment in the fiery pits of Hell, and Clifford is seeking to maximise his her income after her death with a new project.


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Clifford is currently fielding bids from Living TV who are planning a “Celebrity Most Haunted” series, and from ITV2 who want Brave Jade to anchor their next series of “Ghost Hunting With…I’m A Celebrity”, alongside well known psychic Derek Acorah and pantomime dame, Christopher Biggins.

PR guru Clifford, is said to be in advanced negotiations with Satan over filming rights in Hell, although insiders have said that Satan’s own PR team are concerned that any project involving Mr Clifford may have a negative impact on the perception of Hell.

Satan is said to be demanding final cut approval to ensure that he and his demonic minions are not seen to be too closely aligned with Clifford’s own moral compass.

Satan was unavailable for comment and no-one really wanted to ask Max Clifford.