Union leaders ‘moved to tears’ by Post Office plight

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Communications Workers Union (CWU) negotiators have been left emotionally distraught after hearing of the plight of the Royal Mail.

Early consultations have begun after the Royal Mail’s announcement that partial privatisation is likely in order to keep the organisation afloat.

CWU representatives had entered the meeting in bullish mood, but were soon knocked back when the heart-wrenching hardship faced by the Royal Mail was made clear to them.

“We were shocked, frankly.” said Union spokesperson, Derek Small.


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“Did you know it has got so bad that the Chief Exec Adam Crozier barely scraped by on a £1.2m salary last year?”

royalmailcomment1“They told us how hard it was for him to heat his eight bedroom house, and that he could only afford six holidays last year.

“It was heart breaking.  We had to ask for a short break to compose ourselves.”

“We want to protect our members’ jobs, obviously.  But one Adam Crozier is worth at least 60 post men.  That’s just basic maths.”

No change

Secretary of State for Business, Lord Mandelson was asked how this will affect the man on the street, “It won’t affect him at all.” he replied.

“Unless he wants to post something.  Or have something delivered to him.”

“In which case mail will still go missing, but at least it will now be due to private sector cost cutting rather than public sector incompetence.”