Do UK men prefer brains or beauty?

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After the country watched in awe as uber-geek Gail Trimble trounced all before her on University Challenge, we ask, is being super-brained is now super-hot?

The brawn vs brain debate has raged among women for decades, and now the UK’s men have an opportunity to ask themselves the same question.

But with beauty instead of brawn, because brawny women are frankly minging.

Do men still openly hanker after the physical beauty of a model or an actress?

Or have we evolved the ability to lie like a women and convince people that it is what’s upstairs that really counts.

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Our reporters hit the streets with pictures of Gail Trimble and Kate Winslet to find out.

Eye of the beholder

“Do they both put out?” was the question asked by 22 year old librarian Steve.

“Is this a trick question?” said Mike the Big Issue seller.

“I’ve had them both already.” said Alfie Patten, child lothario.

So now we ask you.  Do you go for the brainiac over the hotty?  Or do you still tell the truth?

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