13 year-old father finds first pube

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13 year-old father of one, Alfie Patten, has celebrated with friends after finding his first pubic hair.

The pube was discovered by Alfie during a routine morning shower.

“I wasn’t sure it was mine at first” said Alfie in an exclusive Interview with The Sun.

“With all the sex and stuff that I have absolutely definitely been having, it could have been anyone’s.”

Strange places

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There were strong suggestions that the pube might have been planted in order to secure further lucrative newspaper deals.

But a vigorous tug, of the pubic hair, confirmed it was actually growing out of his pubic area.

“I’ve been waiting for one for a while now,” admitted the baby-faced Lothario.

“So it’s nice to finally be like the other boys in my class.  Except with a kid.  That’s definitely mine.”

As a result of this morning’s discovery, Alfie is expecting his voice to break some time in the next two to three years.

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