Rourke starts new ‘lost things’ necklace trend

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Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke has sparked a bizarre trend among impressionable fashionistas in wearing pictures of lost and misplaced items around their neck.

Rourke, 56, who lost his pet chihuahua only days before the yesterday’s Academy Award ceremony, was pictured at the event wearing a photo of the dog, Loki, around his neck.

Distraught at the loss, Rourke was quoted as saying he would happily trade in Sean Penn’s Oscar win for the safe return of his dog.

“I saw the picture around his neck,” commented one guest, “and I presume he’s hoping the extra publicity will lead to his safe return.  Good luck to him.”

This move has been seen as a daring fashion statement by those without an original idea of their own, and many have taken to wearing images of things they have lost on chains around their own neck.

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Safe Return

“This is a picture of my car keys.” said Dave Fillup, 27, whilst showing us his necklace.  “I’ve been thinking about them all morning, and maybe now they’ll be returned to me.”

The trend is likely to enter the mainstream later today after Paris Hilton, currently in the UK looking for a new best friend, ordered a custom-made necklace picturing her recently misplaced Sky+ remote control.