Black man afraid of expectations

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A black man from London has complained to friends about the new level of post-Obama expectation placed upon his shoulders.

He has claimed that since the 44th President took office, people are expecting a great deal more from him both professionally, and socially.

“It’s not fair.” he confided, “I’m just a normal bloke with a normal job, but ever since Obama came to power people are looking at me differently.”

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has an above average IQ and is educated to degree level.  He said he would like to go back to how it was.


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“It was fine when little was expected of me.” he said,  “I could regularly surpass people’s expectations, with little or no effort on my part.”

“But now, the world has seen what a black man is capable of, and my meagre efforts don’t seem to be as appreciated any more.”


This problem is a phenomena known among sociologists as the “clever toddler effect”, whereby surprise is expressed, and unwarranted praise given, for the completion of even the most basic of tasks simply because expectations are so low.

It is predicted it might take years for the world to become effectively immune to the effects of this effect.

“I suppose this is what it was like for you white folks when Neil Armstrong went to the moon, eh?” concluded the man.

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