I prefer my war heroes not dead, scoffs Donald Trump

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As America unites in grief over the loss of a great politician and man, Donald Trump has said that John McCain can’t be that great as he hasn’t managed to stay alive.

The Vietnam veteran, who served six terms as an influential Republican senator, recently passed away aged 81, but will have an enduring legacy as one of America’s top military leaders and politicians.

President Bone-Spurs, on the other hand, wasn’t convinced.

“Sure, he might be a so-called ‘war hero’, but so what?” he told astonished press at the White House.

“He’s dead, right? First, he was captured during the war, and now this. I just prefer my war heroes not dead, know what I mean?”

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He added, “If anyone is a hero, it’s me. It takes courage to bounce back from having loads of my businesses go bankrupt, even if I did have money from Daddy to help me bounce back.”

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