Wednesday 9 August 2017

Donald Trump urged to annihilate Kim Jong-un’s global credibility by giving him a job in White House

Donald Trump to offer Kim Jung Un a job

Donald Trump could make Kim Jong-un a global laughing stock just by giving him a job, according to experts today.

With tensions on the Korean peninsula at an all-time high, those across the political world have insisted that President Trump could destroy the North Korean leader with one well-placed tactical job offer.

Washington analyst Chuck Williams told us, “There is nothing more catastrophic to your standing in the world than a job in the Trump administration.

“Ask Sean Spicer, or Anthony Scaramucci, or Reince Priebus, or James Comey, or Sally Yates, or Michael Dubke – the list goes on and on.

“The idea that anyone can work for Donald Trump and then go on to bigger and better things is so laughable we should call it Kim Jong-un’s haircut.

“Yes, I’m sure Kim Jong-un might be suspicious about the offer of a job in the Trump White House, but rest assured that there is no weapon more capable of rendering someone completely inert than working for Donald Trump.”

North Korea has reacted with scepticism upon hearing about a potential job offer. A government source told us, “Dear Leader is already a laughing stock in every nation except our own, a silly child in a bloated body with a world-class inferiority complex – but even he isn’t stupid enough to work for the deranged orange moron.”

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