Monday 24 April 2017 by Daniel Hopkins

‘You don’t know what’s under a burka’ insists EDL member wandering around in a balaclava

Balaclava EDL

An EDL member has stated that the burka is dangerous because you can’t see who is under it, despite attending every rally in a balaclava.

John Bullington, known to his friends as Big John, posted a rant on Facebook yesterday about how burkas are a cover for evilness.

He wrote, “You just don’t know what’s under a burka. It could be a bomb, a jihadi army, a tank, you just don’t know.

“You’d have to take a balaclava off if you went into a bank but not a bloody burka. I’ve not been able to rob any banks in ages.”

Despite a comment pointing out that a burka isn’t seen as aggressive and is part of a religion, Bullington replied, “That’s complete crap!

“A balaclava is a religion if you want it to be. And when has anyone wearing a balaclava ever done anything bad?

“Muslim women need to stop wearing inappropriate stuff like headscarves and dress like proper westerners.

“Like nuns or something.”

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