Big Brother adds fourth line to manifesto

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Benevolent dictator Big Brother has punched up his message with a fourth line “News is Fake” this morning.

In a series of tweets this morning, the beloved leader reiterated that War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, and Freedom is Slavery, but added that News is Fake – an admonishment immediately seized on by the faithful as always having been true.

The expansion to the party message is designed to help loyal citizens better bellyfeel Party messages without bothering themselves with difficult and worrying contradictory reports from so-called ‘experts’.

“Failing news media is enemy of the people! Doubleplus Sad!”, he announced at 2:37 am this morning on Twitter.

“Oldthinking CNN, BBC and NY Times produce Fake News which righthinkers unbellyfeel!”

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Praising his followers for their intelligence and ability to avoid being fooled, he stressed that badthinking oldmedia were solely for the purpose of entertaining and misleading the Proles, and it was important that intelligent people didn’t expose themselves to their lies.

All rightthinking party supporters are encouraged to only get news from honest outlets such as Russia Today, Breitbart and The Canary, whose ducktalking correctly summarises all they need to know about the world and what is going on.

Close associate to the dear leader, Steve Bannon, has been appointed to head up the newly formed Ministry of Truth, where it is hoped his experience will help avoid harmful doublethink by reporters from the evil and hostile press by only granting access to members of the Inner Party to those deemed truthful and honest.

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