Sunday 1 January 2017

Man who planned ‘quiet one at home’ begins three-day hangover

new year hangover

34-year-old Simon Williams is this morning beginning a hangover that will last until Wednesday, despite telling everyone he was having a ‘quiet one at home’ for New Year.

Williams rejected the idea of paying £25 to celebrate New Year in a packed nightclub surrounded by arseholes, choosing instead to stay at home alone and watch it on the telly.

“It started with a couple of beers, just a couple, and only because it was New Year’s Eve,” Williams told us.

“Before I knew it I was dancing a one-man nude conga around the living room while finishing off a bottle of Port with a straw.

“I woke up on the stairs with one leg in a Batman costume that’s been in the loft since my 25th birthday party. No, I have absolutely no idea what I was planning to do.

“I blame Jools Holland; I felt I had no choice but to join in with his guests in enjoying a few scoops. Right at this minute, I definitely wish him a truly painful demise, but I’m sure that’ll pass by midweek.

“But I am, without question, never, ever drinking again. Obviously.”

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