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Russia utterly fantastic, insists impartial anonymous Internet commenter

Vladimir Putin on the Internet

A complete stranger on an Internet comments thread is really keen to let you know just how honest and decent Vladimir Putin is.

Commenter SimoVil83, who has never engaged with you in any way before now, is perfectly prepared to spend the entire afternoon aggressively arguing that the Russian premier is a great man no matter what, which seems curious considering his profile claims he has a well-paid, demanding and successful job.

Generously taking the time out of his role as a leading investment analyst, technical consultant and lawyer to educate you, what Simo’s position lacks in supporting evidence he more than makes up for in vehemence and persistence.

Despite what you might think, Russia doesn’t routinely brutalise and imprison journalists and political opponents, and those 80,000 troops on the Estonian border are actually all Estonia’s fault.

The Russian economy is going swimmingly too, and now we come to think about it that whopping great palace on the Black Sea was paid for by voluntary donations.

Should you fail to be convinced by this, Simo plans to tell you just how stupid you are, point out imperfections within your own nation in an attempt to undermine the credibility of your position, and suggest you educate yourself properly.

Considering the amount of time Simo spends doing this, you’d almost think he had an agenda of his own.

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